The Astrolab: a Next-Gen Astronomy Computer

Astrolab turns your telescope into a remote control telescope.
It's entirely open source, and you can build it for less than $100.

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Rethinking the Observatory

We're also building AstroSwarm, a distributed observatory that anybody with a telescope can join. Each telescope that joins the network becomes a source of information for the rest of the network, making new kinds of astronomical observations possible.

We designed the Astrolab to be fully compatible with AstroSwarm, but not dependent on it. So you can get started today, knowing a world of new possibility awaits you tomorrow.

See What Astrolab Does Today

Astrolab Features

Remote Control

Use your telescope from the comfort of your living room — or your friend's living room.

Desktop → Web

Use proven astro software like PHD2 and OpenSkyImager, right in your web browser!

Easy to Use

Just plug it in. There are no ports to forward, IPs to remember, or DNS to setup.

Open Source

The hardware and software are open source, so tinker away & share your improvements!

Live Updates

Always run the latest software.
No disassembly required.

Save Money

No need for a fancy new telescope. Astrolab works with any servo-controlled mount.

AstroSwarm Features


Record celestial phonomena requiring geographic and hardware diversity.

"Trade" Telescopes

Virtually lend and borrow hardware for a new
viewing experience.

Share the Love

Broadcast your telescope feed and share it with the world.

Real Time Alerts

See what other astronomers
are watching and what
they need help with.

Get Your Astrolab

Build It

You can build an Astrolab for less than $100.

Learn and Contribute

If you're skilled in electrical, mechanical, or software engineering, we'd love your help.
If you're an astronomer, we'd be delighted if you'd take our survey.

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